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Have you noticed that some bail bond agencies are around for a few months and then are never heard of again? Or they’re so new that no one can really provide any information about them. That isn’t the case with All American Bail Bonds Knoxville. We have several decades’ worth of experienced and use it to serve all of Tennessee. We use our experience to write bonds quickly and to make sure that the jail processes them as quickly as possible.

Our experts will work with you directly to provide a range of solutions. You won’t provide any money out of pocket with options such as:

Don’t let the cost of bail stop you from rescuing your loved one from jail. We have affordable options that fit any budget.

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Can the General Public Access Your Bail Bond Information

Most people know that both their arrest and criminal records are considered public records. This is why they are used for background checks. While most people know that there’s little they can do to conceal their arrest and conviction records, they so hope to be able to minimize the fact that they used a bail bond company rather than posting their bail themselves.

The truth is that bail bonds are a matter of public record, but not in any way that it will damage your reputation or make people think less of you. If a member of the public wishes to learn about someone else’s bail bond record, they can confirm that a bail bond was used, but they’ll learn little else.

For the most part, the only information a person will be able to learn from a bail bonds record is that a bail bond was used, the amount of the bond, the bail bond agency that was involved, and if a co-signer was included. The name of the co-signer will also appear on the record.

As a rule, the general public isn’t interested in the information connected to a person’s bail or bail bond. The only people who are interested are those who are connected to the case. Some jails even maintain a website that doesn’t provide a great deal of information about each case but which do let people know if someone was released from jail and if they posted bail themselves or used a bail bond.

If you find yourself in need of a bail bond, contacting All American Bail Bond is the best thing you can do for yourself. We are an experienced agency that has the resources needed to get you out of jail as quickly as possible. 

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